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Maintenance Of The Wheelchair.
Edit: Jianlian Homecare Products Co.,Ltd    Date: Jul 29, 2015

 Wheelchair maintenance:

1, we must first fully understand the equipment, how to use button function to get around, don't buy, crucial moment cannot be applied flexibly, in particular how to start and how to stop quickly when faced with unexpected things can play a key role. 

2, keeping the body clean in a dry and ventilated place to prevent corrosion of parts. 

3, wheelchair before and within a month, you should check whether the bolts loose if loose, to be fastened in a timely manner. In normal use, check every three months to ensure all parts are good, check the sturdy nut on the wheelchair (especially rear axle fixing nut), such as loose, need to adjust, tighten.

4, please regularly check tire condition, timely maintenance moving parts regularly, fill a small amount of lubricating oil.

5, sometimes going out inevitably stained with mud and water, or get wet, pay attention to timely cleaning wipe the dirt and wax-coated with rust-proof, rain water is too acidic, soil if you don't clean and easy wheelchair rusty, at least visually affect the appearance.

6, tires to maintain sufficient pressure cannot come into contact with oils, acids, and prevent spoilage.

7, wheelchair seat frame bolts to loosely connected, tighten is strictly prohibited.

8, for electric wheelchairs to develop the habit of filling, battery is kept full. Against lack of electricity storage; such as the electric wheelchair is not used for a long time, lack of electricity storage will seriously affect the life, and idle time is longer, more severe battery damage. Idle electric wheelchair to develop regular habit of charging. The battery in the "full State". Also avoid rain! gently and so on.

9, regular inspections, the rotational structure of flexibility and apply lubricant. If, for some reason, the axis of the wheel needs to be removed, reinstall should ensure the nut is screwed in tight, not loose.

10, wheelchair seat frame bolts to loosely connected, tighten is strictly prohibited.

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